Posted : 22 May 2019

TransCure bioServices SAS was selected for the SME instruments call-to-offer Phase 1 with 273 companies out of 2’822 applicants.

The first funding (50k€) awarded for the Human Immune System & Human Liver Mouse models project (HIS-Li Mouse) is not only a proof of it’s relevance, but also a token of trust from the European Research & Innovation Agency regarding our internationally recognized expertise with full human mouse models and derived innovation.

The proposed project (combining the full human immune system with human hepatocyte physiological reconstitution) will allow drug developers to better assess the efficacy, safety and hepatotoxicity of their preclinical drug candidates prior to clinical trials, with data more faithfully representative of human drug metabolism and drug-drug interaction.

TransCure bioServices will also be able to generate smarter models of human liver diseases such as hepatocarcinoma, nonalcoolic steatohepatitis (NASH), and to study the interactions with the human immune system, in other words more predictive in vivo preclinical models of human diseases for safer 1st-in-human trials.

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