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The full reconstitution of a functional human immune system in hu-mouse, despite a little thymus, allows the generation of full immune responses to any antigen on this naïve human immune system. Onco-foetal, developmental, weak, transmembrane, multimeric, DNA, protein, cell extract Ag’s can be recognized by the naïve human immune system in hu-mice to generate 100% full human IgG responses with a human size-like repertoire diversity. Isotype class switching (IgG1-2-3-4, IgE, IgA and IgM), 1011  diversity size comparable to human B cells responses, all looks very attractive to profile your drug for immune responses (vaccines) and to generate new biological drug therapeutics in the form of 100% human IgG mAb’s.

The full human immune system reconstitution for immunization

Uniqueness of the hu-mouse Models for Vaccines/Immunization

  • Genuine human mAb’s against any antigen including ‘difficult targets’:
  • e. g. oncofoetal, developmental, multiple subunits, cytoplasmic, Ebola, H1N1, …
  • Ig Class Subtype Switching (IgG1-4, IgM, IgA, IgE responses)
  • Non-chimeric, no blind spots in the large repertoire (not inbred)
  • No tolerance to most difficult antigens (naïve human immune systems)
  • Fully functional humoral human responses/large repertoires
  • (as in humans, unlike current transgenic animal models)
  • In vivo natural selection and maturation of the best immunoglobulin molecules

KLH Vaccination Protocol in Boosted hu-House

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