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Animal & Lab facilities

TransCure bioServices has there own lab and animal facility based in Archamps.

Antoine POSKIN,
Veterinarian, PhD to manage the animal facilities

Antoine is in charge of the animal facility and makes sure that corporate policy meets the highest quality and ethical standards for our clients dedicating his time to the up and coming AAALAC accreditation.

TransCure headquarter includes a state-of-the-art animal facility, housing up-to 3600 mice in IVC racks.

Onsite experienced animal caretakers and our veterinarian, take great care of the animals. They make sure that corporate policy meets the highest quality and ethical standards for our clients. In this purpose, our clients implement studies in optimal ethic and sanitary conditions as well. To further this commitment, our enthusiastic and dedicated team is working hard to obtain the AAALAC accreditation.

The TransCure’s animal facility offers multiple housing and working accommodations both in BSL-2 and BSL 3 settings.

All manipulations and studies are implemented under strict sterile conditions in each room.

Personal, which is present 365 days a year, is entirely dedicated to our clients to offer them full flexibility and to adapt to their strictest needs. At TransCure, we offer a wide range of technical services including:

  • computerized data collection,
  • volatile anesthesia,
  • in-vivo fluorescence system,
  • endoscopy and much more.

Always pleased to receive our client guest for a visit of the facility, do not hesitate to contact our team.

At TransCure, we truly care about animal wellbeing and we want it to drive the service that we deliver. 

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