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New H.I.V. long-term remission reported in a second patient, a huge milestone in the Global AIDS Epidemic 5 March 2019

TransCure is proud to serve researchers in the field by providing suitable HIV mouse disease models.

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They talk about us in Labiotech – Immuno-Oncology 6 February 2019

Find more about how TransCure improves immuno-oncology research with its humanized mouse model.

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Microchip-based mouse identification system 5 February 2019

TransCure bioServices improves animal health and wellbeing by using microchip-based identification system in order to deliver the best quality data to the customers.

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2018 achievements and new objectives in 2019 24 January 2019

TransCure bioServices shares with you its major achievements in 2018 and its objectives 2019.

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TransCure bioServices involved in Targovax’s results 19 December 2018

Targovax demonstrates the “Synergistic effect of oncolytic virus combined with anti-PD-1 against Melanoma”. TransCure’s hu-mouse are the preferred in vivo models for combination therapy evaluation.

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TransCure will be waiting you at the second edition of I4ID 4 December 2018

Besides being present at I4ID event, Sébastien Tabruyn, our CSO, will give a pitch for answering one question : “How humanized mice models helps to evaluate immunotherapy for infectious Diseases?”

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