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Acquisition of the Newton 7.0 Bioluminescence imaging system 7 August 2019

The NEWTON bioluminescence imaging system allows for the non-invasive detection and quantification from the onset throughout full development of any tumor.

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Promising Cure against HIV demonstrated using CD34+ human immune system mouse models! 9 July 2019

Demonstration of viral clearance targeting latent infectious reservoirs in HIV-1 infected CD34+ human immune system mice treated with LASER ART and CRISPR-Cas9 is available.

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Watch the interview of our CEO, Patrick NEF, for the TV channel 8 Mont-Blanc. 26 June 2019

Patrick NEF gives a global presentation about TransCure bioServices SAS during an interview for the TV channel 8 Mont-Blanc

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Hélène DELPECH, new Research Engineer, has been hired by TransCure bioServices 19 June 2019

TransCure bioServices hires Hélène DELPECH – New Research Engineer

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TransCure’s interview in the ECO Savoie Mont-Blanc (in french) 12 June 2019

What services TransCure bioServices is offering? Who are its clients? What are its achievements? What are its news goals and new challenges with its recent funding of 2.5 million euros? Get the answers in the ECO article. (article n french).

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New financing round will enable the company to accelerate its growth and expand its international services offers.

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