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They talk about us in Labiotech – Human liver disease mouse models 5 December 2019

Find more about how TransCure improves Liver Diseases research with its humanized mouse model.

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HIV publication relevance 22 November 2019

Demonstration of viral clearance targeting latent infectious reservoirs in HIV-1 infected CD34+ human immune system mice treated with LASER ART and CRISPR-Cas9 is available.

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Official introduction of TransCure bioServices latest hires! 12 November 2019

TransCure presents its new members.

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New IHC platform is now available at TransCure 18 October 2019

TransCure presents its new IHC platform.

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Three employees join TransCure bioServices team. 26 September 2019

TransCure bioServices hires 3 new employees.

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TransCure bioServices involved in BMS and Viiv results 9 September 2019

BMS and Viiv published in vivo efficacy data on a new anti-HIV treatment using our Advanced Human Immune System Mouse Models.

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