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Core technology

Flow cytometry Platform

Aquisition Flow cytometer TransCure BioServicesThe AttuneTM NxT Flow Cytometer combines precision with performance in a true benchtop flow cytometer with 3 different type of detections: Forward-scattered light (FSC), Side-scattered light (SSC) and Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs).

  • Empower your research — Up to 10x faster than traditional flow cytometric analyzers
  • Enable more — Analyze more sample types, including tumor samples, without losing samples
  • Expand your capabilities — Enable more as your needs expand, with field upgradability of up to 4 lasers and 16 detection channels
  • Simplified sample prep — No-wash, no-lyse sample prep options with clog-resistant fluidics
  • Option for walk-away automation — Run difficult samples with a system that is less sensitive to clogging
  • Flexible — Up to 14 colors and 6 channels off the violet laser

Immuno-profiling and TILs

Complete Tumor and Tissue Analysis

  • Mechanical and enzymatic digestion of the sampels using Gentle MACS Octo Dissociator
  • Flow cytometry analysis of tumor antigens and human immune cells infiltration




Histology Platform 


  • Paraffin inclusion
  • Paraffin/Cryosection
  • H&E staining
  • Histopathology (colon)
  • Immunohistology (Chromogenic and Fluorescence)
  • Digitalization and image Quantification

PDX studies

Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) in hu-mouse

  • Champions Oncology, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSBR) signs a strategic partnership with TransCure bioServices SASPartnership with Champions Oncology: TransCure becomesthe european hub and operational center
  • Large cohort (>1’000 patient tumors) of TumorGraft®
  • Multiple tumor types
  • Fully characterized and searchable (medical history, genetic, mutations, growth, in vivo drug responses, …)
  • Faithful reconstitution of patient tumor biology in hu-mouse models




Content QRT-PCR

Under construction

In-vivo imaging

Small Animal in vivo Imaging  

We can monitor, in a living animal, orthotopic, metastatic dissemination and subcutaneous tumor progression.

The NEWTON bioluminescence imaging system allows for the non-invasive detection and quantification from the onset throughout full development of any tumor.


• tumor growth monitoring

• orthotopic mouse models

• metastatic dissemination

Luciferase tumor cell line available:

human: PC-3M, LnCaP, MDA-MB-231,

A549, HCT 116, U87-MG, …

mouse: 4T1, B16F10, …


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In-vitro assays

  • Humoral response (Ab secretion, B cell characterisation)
  • Cell mediated immune response (T cell characterization, INFg, granzymeB, Perforin (intra-cellular staining and secretion)
  • Cytokine quantification in peripheral blood and tissues (CBA, ELISA)
  • Ligand Binding assay (receptor occupancy assay)
  • PBMC, Splenocytes, bone marrow immuno-phenotype : intra-cellular and membrane staining
  • In vitro ADCC assays (Phagocytosis & cytotoxicity)
  • In vitro cell culture assays (MTS, apoptosis, necrosis, release of immunogenic materials)
  • Elisa/Elispot 

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