7TH AIS 2019 Tours, FRANCE
From : 24 June 2019
To : 25 June 2019

Our Business Development Director, Olivier Baverey, will be in Tours during the 7th Antibody Industrial Symposium, June 24th and 25th.

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AFSSI Connexions 2019 Lyon, FRANCE
From : 2 July 2019
To : 3 July 2019

Our CEO, Patrick NEF, will be in Lyon during the AFSSI Connexions, July 2nd to 3rd.

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NLS DAYS 2019 Malmö – SWEDEN
From : 10 September 2019
To : 12 September 2019

Our Business Development Director, Romain GRET, will be in Malmö during the NLS DAYS, September 10th to 12th.

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Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress 2019 Philadelphia, USA
From : 19 September 2019
To : 20 September 2019

TransCure will be presenting at the 2nd Annual MarketsandMarkets Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress, in Philadelphia, September 19th and 20th.

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2nd Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology USA Congress 2019 San Diego, USA
From : 8 October 2019
To : 9 October 2019

Our CEO, Patrick NEF, will be in San Diego. during the 2nd Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology, October 8th to 9th.

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From : 15 October 2019
To : 17 October 2019

Our team, will be in Basel during the Festival of Biologics, October 15th to 17th.

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From : 11 November 2019
To : 13 November 2019

Our team, will be in Hamburg during the BIO-EUROPE, November 11th to 13th.

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From : 3 December 2019
To : 5 December 2019

Our CEO, Patrick NEF and our Dir. Business Development, Olivier Baverey  will be in London during the Tumour Models London, December 3rd to 5th.

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BIOFIT 2019 Marseille, FRANCE
From : 10 December 2019
To : 12 December 2019

Our Business Development Director, Romain GRET, will be in Marseille during BIOFIT, December 10th to 12th

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European Association for Cancer Research 2020 Turin, ITALY
From : 17 June 2020
To : 20 June 2020

Our team, will be in Turin during the EACR, June 17th to 20th.

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