TransCure at at the Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress. 2019

Event's date
From : 19 September 2019
to : 20 September 2019
Event's place
Philadelphia, USA

TransCure will be presenting at the 2nd Annual MarketsandMarkets Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress

If you are also attending the Next Gen Immuno-Oncology congress from September 19th to 20th in Philadelphia, don’t miss our CSO’s pitch on the capabilities of the full human immune system mouse models for IO drug development!

Both Sebastien Tabruyn and Olivier Baverey will be there, so feel free to reach out and pre-arrange a face-to-face meeting:

Who are we?

TransCure is the only CRO specialized in fully humanized immune system mouse models (hu-mice). We have developed a strong expertise through data driven approaches for the complete & functional reconstitution of a human immune system in severely immunodeficient mouse strains (NOG, BRG, BRG-S, NCG). With this platform, we provide human disease models for drug efficacy & safety assessment in cancer / immuno-oncology, inflammation / auto-immunity, infectious diseases and liver diseases. The hu-mouse is also used to produce 100% human IGs and cytokines.

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