Immuno-Oncology hu-mouse models

We provide predictive in vivo pharmacology expertise for drug pre-clinical candidate selection in the fields of cancer (IO, PDX), infectious, inflammation, vaccine and immune disease areas.
TransCure bioServices has developed a strong expertise, for the 100% functional reconstitution of a full human immune system in severely immunodeficient mouse strains via engraftment of human umbilical cord blood CD34+ stem cells.

In details, following chemoablation, the young animals are engrafted with human CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC) isolated from human cord blood in our BSL-2 animal facility. 14 weeks post-CD34+ engraftment, the rate of the full human immune system reconstitution is assessed and the human immune cell population is monitored by state-of-the-art flow cytometry.

Taking into account the 14 week maturation of the system we are producing in advance more than 350 full human immune system mouse to cope with the demand.

Strength of TransCure bioServices in cancer/immuno-Oncology/PDX

  • >2’000 hu-mouse tested for cancer/immuno-oncology/PDX
  • High rate of CD34+ humanization/engraftment
  • Lifelong stability without GVHD
  • Ready to use hu-mouse: no delay, produced in advance
  • State-of-the-art Flow Cytometry
  • Validated models for: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, ADCC, Oncolytic Virus/Bacteria and Vaccines
  • Possibility to boost hu-mouse Immune System with Human Cytokines
  • Expertise in Protocol/Study Design/Endpoints with hu-mouse
  • Quality Raw Data Collection and Report Analysis
  • Time and Cost-Saving, Competitive FTE rate

DATA Driven with more than 150 studies completed

Immune Check Point Inhibitor

  • Hu-NOG engrafted with Gastric Tumor Cells
  • Treatment with Anti-PD1
  • Combo Therapy tested in the same setting

Bi-Specific Ab with ADCC activity

  • Hu-NOG engrafted with HCT-116 colorectal cancer cells
  • Treatment with Bi-specific Ab
  • ADCC activity

T Cell Immunity – Vaccination

  • Hu-NOG vaccinated against Mart-1 peptide
  • Cellular response in the peripheral blood 28 days after vaccination
  • Tetramer Staining of CD8+ cells

Immune Cell Infiltration – IHC

  • Automated mechanic and enzymatic digestion of human tumors
  • Flow Cytometry analysis on whole tumor

Tumor Infiltration Profiles – Flow Cytometry

  • Automated mechanic and enzymatic digestion of human tumors
  • Flow Cytometry analysis on whole tumor

Combination Therapies

  • Combination Strategy using Immune Check Point Inhibitors

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