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Toward more predictive preclinical tumor mouse models: conventional tumor models with immunodeficient animals only monitor the effect of a drug on the tumor itself. The approval in 2011 of the first immune-checkpoint inhibitor (Nobel price winner in 2018) has validated the immuno-oncology therapeutic approach against many forms of cancer. The reconstitution of the full functional human immune system in immune-deficient triple KO mice such as NOG/NCG/NSG/BRG provides a unique opportunity to assess the efficacy of new drug candidates acting on both human immune cells such as T cells, myeloid cells and NK cells, and on the tumor itself (bi-specific mAb, ADCC mediation, …) with either Solid (Melanoma, breast, ovarian,…) or Liquid (T-cell lymphoma, B-cell Lymphoma, AML)  tumors.

Immune Check Point Inhibitor

  • Hu-mouse engrafted with Gastric Tumor Cells
  • Treatment with Anti-PD1
  • Combo Therapy tested in the same setting

Combination Therapies

Immune Cell Infiltration

  • Hu-mouse engrafted with Gastric tumor cells
  • Immune infiltration (CD8 staining)

Immune Cell Infiltration
Flow Cytometry

  • Automated mechanic and enzymatic digestion of human tumors
  • Flow Cytometry analysis on whole tumor

Oncolytic Virus Efficacy in hu-mouse

Colon carcinoma. Treatment with oncolytic virus (intra-tumor vs i.v. injection)

Bi-Specific Ab with ADCC activity

  • Hu-mouse engrafted with HCT-116 colorectal cancer cells
  • Treatment with Bi-specific Ab
  • ADCC activity

T Cell Immunity – Vaccination

  • Hu-mouse vaccinated against Mart-1 peptide
  • Cellular response in the peripheral blood 28 days after vaccination
  • Tetramer Staining of CD8+ cells
  • Mart-1 peptide vaccination, flow cytometry on peripheral blood and assessment effector CD8+ T cells

Transient Boost with human Cytokines


  • TILs
  • Peripheral blood immuno-phenotyping 
  • Tumor growth: caliper & in vivo imaging 
  • Survival 
  • In vitro analysis: Elisa – Elispot – Slpenocyts restimulation
  • Safety and Cytokines Storm analysis – CBA

Strength of TransCure bioServices in cancer/immuno-Oncology/PDX

  • >3’000 hu-mouse tested for cancer/immuno-oncology/PDX
  • Human cytokine boosts available upon request  
  • Validated models for: immune checkpoint inhibitors, PDX, oncolytic viruses, ADCC, vaccines
  • Ideal for combination strategy
  • Expertise in protocol/study design/endpoints with hu-mouse
  • Quality raw data collection and report analysis
  • Time and cost-saving, competitive FTE rate

TransCure Services CSO’s, Sebastien Tabruynspeaks to LABIOTECH about Immuno-Oncology Research with its Full Human Immune System Mouse Models.

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