Posted : 17 December 2019

Transient Human Cytokine Boost

TransCure bioServices is sharing human immune cell boosting data.

Transient boost increases the number of NK, Myeloid and Dendritic cells and their states of activation in the Advanced Human Immune System Mouse Models Diseases.

Transient expression for 48-72 hours of selected human cytokines by liver cells:

  • Physiological level of expression of the chosen human cytokines
  • No over-stimulation (not constitutive nor deleterious)
  • Stable differentiation: up to 3 months downstream effect
  • Adaptable

Appealing Results

Level of human immune cells in peripheral blood (D7 after boost) 

No boost

Myeloid and DC boost

NK boost

NOG-EXL: Nk celles (1.5%), Monocytes (6.5%), Granulocytes (5%)
B-NCG: NK cells (2%), Monocytes (6%), Granulocytes (0.5%)

Myeloid and DC Boost in hu-NCG

NK cells Boost in hu-NCG

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