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Posted : 18 January 2021

TransCure bioServices launches its human hepatocytes (hu-liver) mouse models!

Innovative preclinical model thanks to TransCure bioServices !

Our initial human hepatocyte liver disease model (hu-PIRF) has now been fully validated in house thanks to our collaboration with Prof. Karl-Dimiter Bissig, Duke Univ. and is tested by early adopters in Europe since 2020 year-end. We look forward to introduce this hu-liver disease model. Feel free to contact us if you have some revolutionary ideas on using a 100% human/0% mouse hepatocyte driven disease model for NASH, HBV, HCV, PK/PD, drug metabolism, or hepato-toxicity.

TransCure release a brand new in vivo pharmacology hu-liver model. Only pure human liver cells engrafted in a mouse liver without any murine hepatocites activity contamination. Best in class!

Contact our team of experts for a preliminary discussion to organize your experiment and work together on a tailor-made protocol.

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