Posted : 21 July 2020

Our animal and lab facilities is evolving!

At TransCure bioServices, we dedicate time and efforts to support the preclinical development of our customers, relying on a 4500+ mouse capacity and cutting-edge humanized models, and running more than 500 humanizations per month.

Because our team is driven by scientific excellence and animal welfare, we reassess our process, every day, to create new ways to provide a premium service and increase our ethical standards. This compelling approach led us to develop computerized workstations using:

  • interconnected identification system,
  • weight scale,
  • tumor measure device
  • and reporting method,

which in terms, drastically secured data acquisition and reduced manipulation time on mice. Again, a concrete example on how, in our facility, we act to improve the quality of our work while strengthening mouse wellbeing, to serve our clients better.

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