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Posted : 30 January 2020

New Arrivals in 2020!

In 2020 TransCure bioServices is expanding, and we are thrilled to introduce our new team members! Others will join us soon…

Delphine BOUIS, Deputy Project Officer, holds a Ph.D in Immunology, as well as a PharmD from the Pharmacy Faculty of Strasbourg. After 3 years of thesis in Strasbourg, she worked for a year on humanized mice models at Yale University, USA, in the Department of Immunobiology. As a part of the TransCure bioServices team, in the R&D group, she will focus on the immunization platform related to the selection of anti-cancer drug candidates.

Laura BOUGUEREAU, Laboratory Assistant, holds a license in Analytical and Experimental Biology from Tours IUT. She is strong of three years of experience as an animal experimentation assistant respectively at TAAM and the CNRS of Orléans. Within the Biomolecule Analysis and Imaging Center, she has worked as a laboratory technician on the development of a mass spectrometer imaging on pigs’ lungs suffering from cystic fibrosis to evidence proteins and peptides specific to this disease. At TransCure bioServices, she will join the PDX team to support our customer projects

Elodie RUHIN, will join the growing team to assist us in everyday tasks. Former skier, she is full of energy and voluntary, she will be helping with the purchasing activities, mail reception, stock management, and support all the administrative and scientific team members.

We welcome them to our growing team dedicated to the entire satisfaction of our full human immune system mouse models customers!

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