Inflammation: full human immune system mouse models and translational predictability.

The Do’s and Don’ts by the TransCure bioServices Experts.

May 28th, 2020

Sebastien Tabruyn, PhD Chief Scientific Officer (CSOHosted online by
Sebastien Tabruyn, PhD, CSO
for a 45 minutes presentation.

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You will learn:

  • Which are the main characteristics of a predictive IBD full human immune system mouse model?
  • How to choose between chronic and acute hu-IBD?
  • Why is the hu-IBD model developed by TransCure bioServices superior to all constitutive mouse models?
  • Several case studies will be presented in detail: Diminution of Inflammatory symptoms with anti-huTNFa, Humira, CyclosporinA, Human leukocyte infiltration, hCD3/hCD4 infiltration…

Who is Sebastien Tabruyn?

Sebastien Tabruyn, PhD Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). He holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Liege (Belgium). After 15 years of experience as Project leader in renowned international academic research institutes including UCSF (California, USA), the Centre for Cancer Biology (Adelaide, Australia) and the University of Maastricht (Netherlands), he joined TransCure bioServices in 2013 as Head of Molecular Biology and Oncology. Sebastien Tabruyn published 35 peer-reviewed publications in the field of Oncology, Angiogenesis, Inflammation and Immunity.

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