TransCure bioServices involved in INSERM results

Posted : 11 April 2019

INSERM publishes first in vivo proof of concept of an engineered Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell directed against IL-1RAP expressed by leukemia stem cells using TransCure’s full human immune system hu-mouse models.

This new publication shows how researchers have used TransCure’s hu-mouse models to:

  1. isolate the human T cells directly from the fully reconstituted human immune system of the hu-mice;
  2. re-engineer these T-cells (CAR-T) for injection into the same hu-mouse to target in vivo quiescent human IL-1RAP-bearing leukemia cells;
  3. induce a specific cytotoxic response against these cancer cells, raising hopes for a new treatment option against leukemia.

These findings come in as leukemia researchers are looking for new therapeutic approaches to complement the standard Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKI) regimens, for which relapses affect more than 50% of patients.

TransCure full human immune system hu-mouse models permit efficient CAR-T cells treatment in combination with immune Check Point Inhibitors (CPI) to generate more predictive and clinically actionable data.

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