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Fastest-Growing companies

TCS 666th of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

TransCure bioServices ranked 666 in the TOP 1000 Europe fastest-growing companies!
les champions de la croissance

“2020 Growth Champions”

TransCure bioServices top 116 of 500 fastest-growing French companies!

Flow cytometry cell sorting available at TransCure

TransCure presents its new Cell Sorter.
We Grow

TransCure bioServices New Arrivals

TransCure bioServices new arrivals in 2020.

New Endoscopy Imaging Platforms

TransCure presents its new Endoscopy Imaging platform.

2019 achievements and new objectives in 2020

TransCure bioServices shares with you its major achievements in 2019 and its objectives 2020.

Human cytokine boosts available for enhanced differentiation/boosting of myeloid – NK – dendritic cells in hu-mouse models

Transient Human Cytokine Boost TransCure bioServices is sharing human immune cell boosting data. Transient boost increases the number of NK, Myeloid and Dendritic cells and their states of activation in the Advanced Human Immune System Mouse Models Diseases. Transient...
The talk about us in the press: LaBiotech

They talk about us in Labiotech – Human liver disease mouse models

Find more about how TransCure improves Liver Diseases research with its humanized mouse model.
Promising HIV Cure demonstrated using CD34+ hu-mouse

HIV publication relevance

Demonstration of viral clearance targeting latent infectious reservoirs in HIV-1 infected CD34+ human immune system mice treated with LASER ART and CRISPR-Cas9 is available.

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