hu-liver Disease/Metabolism Mouse Models

Drug candidates are being profiled for preclinical toxicity, drug metabolism and drug-drug interactions. Predictive studies/data/models remain challenging.

Our team is finalizing a very predictive human liver mouse model composed of 100% human hepatocytes, called the hu-liver

The hu-liver Mouse Models allows researchers to predict the efficacy, drug toxicity and drug-drug interactions of all drug development in the fields related to human diseases such as for example oncology, inflammatory, infectious, vaccine diseases.


  • Human PK/PD
  • Hepato Toxicity, Safety profiling
  •  Human Metabolism and active metabolite characterisation
  • Hepatic Viral Infections: HBV, HCV, and others
  • NASH (e.g fibrosis)
  • Hepato-carcinoma Tumor Models

The PIRF hu-liver mouse model 

Description of the PIRF Mouse Strain for hu-liver diseases/models 

Read: A novel hu-liver mouse model based on PIRF lacking murine P450 oxidoreductase for studying human drug metabolism and liver functions.

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The advantage of the PIRF hu-liver model is the total lack of functional murine hepatocytes, and therefore exhibits only human hepatocytes functions. In other words, it is the only full human liver mouse model available for in vivo predictive and preclinical studies.

The reconstitution of the human hepatocytes in the PIRF strain is performed by our expert team in our state-of-the-art facility in Archamps (France) by injection of healthy adult hepatocytes in the spleen.

Liver reconstitution is monitored 16 weeks after engraftment by determination of human albumin and other human lipoprotein levels in peripheral blood.

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Case study

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TransCure Services CSO’s, Sebastien Tabruyn speaks to LABIOTECH about hu-liver mouse models.

The talk about us in the press: LaBiotech

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